Pixnor P2016 Portable 7-in-1 Facial Brush Cleansing System Massager Face Cleanser Brush with 7 Brush Heads – Sold by Pixnor

I have been eyeing the expensive facial cleansing brushes but have been too scared to splash the cash in case I wasn’t happy with the product.

This Pixnor Portable Facial Brush comes with seven different heads, fully comprehensive instructions and is powered by two AA batteries(which were not included).It is light weight and fits nicely into your hand. It includes 7 brush attachments (Short brush, long fine brush, latex soft sponge, makeup sponge, rolling massager, crude polish accessory and pumice applicator) for different purposes and has two speeds which both aren’t too harsh for your face. It is easy to set up to use and change the brush heads. It is travel friendly and fits nicely in a toiletry bag.
The brushes are great for everyday use and specific brushes cater to the various problems areas of your skin. For example the exfoliating brush is perfect for deep cleaning and removing dead skin. The one negative is that you cannot get the brush wet otherwise it will stop working. It is not for use under running water, therefore it has limited usage.
If you are not sure on whether to buy one of the branded brushes, I would recommend that you get a Pixnor brush as it does the same thing and you get the added bonus of extra brushes as well.

*I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

You can scrub up nicely and purchase this product here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TKDVFIE?ref_=cm_aya_orig_subj


Fitness Tracker Watch

I have been determined to get fit and track my progress this year so in order to motivate myself, I decided to purchase a fitness tracker watch. The spec of this fitness tracker watch is quite similar to the more expensive branded ones so I was happy to make this purchase. It arrived quite quickly which was great as I could get to work straight away.
The fitness tracker watch connects to your smart phone wirelessly via Bluetooth and transmits the data to your mobile through an app called Zeroner. This app is available in the Apple app store and the Google Play store so it is compatible with Apple and Android phones.

The watch came in a plastic box with a small set of instructions which were translated into various languages. Before you use the watch, it is recommended to charge it for at least 30 minutes.
Once you download the Zeroner app it is really easy to setup even if you aren’t tech savvy. All you have to do is open up the app then select devices on the menu. It will then display the available devices that you can connect to. When you select your watch, it automatically updates with the date and time.

The watch is a great size and isn’t too bulky. The screen is just the right size to show the details that you need to see without it affecting your wrist movements or looking masculine. The screen is touchscreen and really responsive so doesn’t require any harsh taps. There is also a gesture function available, so when you turn your wrist, the watch lights up and displays the time.
The features of this watch are great. It tracks how many steps I have done, calories burned, distance & time I have spent on fitness throughout each day. At night time, it tracks my sleep and breaks it down into the amount of hours of deep & light sleep I have had. I am also able to set daily goals that I wish to achieve. This is a great benefit to help me get healthier as I can gradually increase my goals. Additionally, if I have been sitting down for too long, the watch vibrates as a friendly reminder/ nudge to get up and get fit.

Besides fitness, the watch also shows and vibrates when you receive a text message, a phone call or any social media message and it also says what the notification is for and from on the screen. The watch also syncs really well with the alarms you have set on your phone via the app. When your alarm goes off, the watch vibrates quite a bit to ensure it wakes you and grabs your attention.

In terms of battery life, I have had this watch for 5 days now and I haven’t needed to charge it yet so I would say that is pretty good considering the amount of data it is dealing with.

The only negative for me is that the app isn’t the best and could do with a face lift but that can be easily fixed and doesn’t affect the functionality of the watch.

I really like this watch and would recommend it to anyone who wants to track their fitness but don’t want to spend too much money. This does exactly what it says it will.

If you want to give this fitness tracker a go, you can purchase it here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0192KPYCW?ref_=cm_cr-mr-title

[Apple MFi Certified] Puridea 3.3ft / 1m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Lightning to USB Cable with Aluminum Connector Heads for iPhone 5 6 6S PLUS, iPod and iPad – Sold by Puridea

This cable came much quicker than it stated it would which was an instant bonus point! It arrived in nice small packaging so it could fit through my letter box, thankfully.
I am really happy with this USB cable, it has been effective and looks to be more durable than previous cables I have used especially in comparison to the Apple ones. The mesh design of the cable is amazing. If you are used to Apple cables, you will have experienced the same frustration as myself when the cable splits and exposes wires. The mesh feature also ensures that the wire doesn’t get tangled up.
An important feature of this cable is that it is Apple certified so you are able to connect it with your phone without an error message popping up on your screen. My phone charges quicker with this cable and the cable looks very expensive.
I had no problems at all. I was offered this cable at a discounted price in return for my honest review. Overall I would say that this it is one of the best looking cables I have ever seen. I am very happy with it.

If you wish to purchase this cable, click here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019RBEMRE?ref_=cm_aya_orig_subj