Nailbox – April 2016 : Happy Birthday Nailbox!

If you read my review of the March Nailbox, you would know I was somewhat disappointed with it. If you didn’t read it, you can have a peek here.¬†I was definitely hoping Nailbox would restore my faith in them with the April box ¬†and I have to say they did!


This month is Nailbox’s anniversary so the theme for the box was “Happy Birthday Nailbox”. This month I received 3 full sized nail polishes, a nail treatment and nail accessories.

Here’s a closer look at what was in my April box:

Invogue ‚Äď Sugar Daddy (RRP ¬£2.99)

I love hot pink colours, especially for my toes and Sugar Daddy is definitely hot! This is a bold colour which is perfect for the summer or any holidays. Whilst I like the colour, I did receive a bright pink in the March Nailbox so it does seem a bit repetitive.

In natural daylight
With flash









Bourjois ‚Äď So Lacque! Bleu Asphalte (RRP ¬£5.99)¬†

I fell in love with this unique colour, it is beautiful. It is hard to describe the exact colour but it is a smokey dark purpley-blue grey. I love Bourjois nail polishes as they apply perfectly and the brush is great for one even stroke.

With flash
In natural daylight









Ciat√© ‚Äď London Baby (RRP ¬£9.00)

I have never tried a Ciat√© nail polish before but the bottle is so nice and elegant with a cute bow, it deserves to be on display. This polish is a beautiful glitter and grey polish which applies so nicely. I don’t normally like glitter polishes as they often require a lot of coats which equals an extra long drying time! Thankfully¬†Ciat√© is of really good quality as one coat left my nails blinging!

In natural light
With flash









Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary ‚Äď Nail Quencher (RRP ¬£7.95)

This treatment polish is a base coat which promises to moisturise your nails and¬†reduce peeling and splitting. I haven’t tried this one yet but I am sure it will work well. I have received a few¬†Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary products from Nailbox and they have been great.










Elegant Touch ‚Äď Stylist Pre-Glued Nail Gems ¬£2.95

I am terrible at nail art unless it involves stamping so I love things that easily help me make my nails look intricately designed. These gems are so easy to stick on, they even come pre-glued so I am excited to try them soon.










I have noticed that the themes behind the Nailboxes aren’t really apparent any more. For example, for February the theme was Valentine’s so they included a little packet of love heart sweets which was a really nice touch. For this anniversary / birthday box, they could have included at least a balloon, confetti or something just to enhance the idea behind the theme.


This month’s box was much better than last month’s, and rightly so as it is a celebratory birthday box. I loved almost everything in the box, I immediately painted my nails with two of the nail polishes! The contents of this box were worth ¬£28.88, so again worth the ¬£15 I ¬†paid.

If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:

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Nailbox – March 2016

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear or obvious yet but I absolutely love nail polish. I have an ever growing collection¬†which is currently at 263 shades. As you can probably imagine, my bank account takes a hit from my addiction.

I was incredibly excited when I found out about Nail Box. Nail Box is a subscription box which delivers 3-4 nail colours plus a useful nail tool or accessory every month for £15. You can cancel at any time or if you like the box you can commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

This subscription box was made just me….well that’s how I feel! The March box had an Easter theme which I expected to be full of pastel coloured polishes but I was completely wrong!


Here’s what was in my Easter box:

Invogue ‚Äď Matte Suede Effect Emerald Dust (RRP ¬£3.49)

The first full sized bottle of nail polish was metallic green with a matte suede effect by Invogue. This colour is called Emerald Dust and is green with speckles of silver. This isn’t the usual colour I would go for but the matte suede effect is really intriguing. It was easy to apply the nail polish. It wasn’t too thick and went on smoothly.

In natural daylight
With flash









MoYou London РXOXO (RRP £4.99)

I have heard of MoYou London from their nail stamping plates but I didn’t know they also made nail polish. This polish in particular is a nice vibrant and bold pink. It is perfect for a summer holiday and is exactly the type of colour I love to wear on my toes. This nail polish is so bright that it looked good after one coat!

With flash
In natural daylight









Eye Candy London РNaughty But Nice (RRP £6)

To be honest, I am not really a fan of Eye Candy London nail polish as their polishes can be quite sheer and require a few coats. “Naughty But Nice” actually surprised me a lot. It is a nice opaque lilac colour which applied really nicely. I really liked the softness of this shade and will be wearing it soon!

In natural daylight
With flash









Elegant Touch Р Speckled Eggs False Nails (RRP £7.10)

I am a huge fan of false nails, I think they are incredibly fun if you want to have a quick manicure for a cheaper price. I love that these nails go really well with the Easter theme of the Nailbox but I think they are a bit too wacky for me!


Nails Inc. –¬†Express Nail Polish Remover (RRP ¬£8)

I am in love. This nail polish remover is the stand out product in this month’s box, it is amazing! I have seen nail polish removers before and I haven’t taken an interest in them because I felt that they would leave your fingers tasting of acetone for ages….yuk! But this hot pink baby doesn’t do that at all!! I had on a deep maroon coloured nail polish and this nail polish remover took it completely off after 2 twists!


Overall, I was quite disappointed with this box as it didn’t really match the theme and I didn’t particularly like the nail polishes, bar one. I would have loved more pastel coloured polishes to get me in the Spring/Easter mood. The Nails Inc Nail Polish Remover really saved the box this month. The contents of this box were worth ¬£29.58 so I definitely got my money’s worth, I just hope the next few boxes improve.

If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:

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Pink Parcel – March Box

If you’re anything like me, you will understand my hatred towards packing. Not only did I have to pack my own suitcase for my impending trip to Jamaica but I also had to pack my daughters…..cue inner cry! The only thing that stopped me from having a mini meltdown was the arrival of my Pink Parcel March box!


Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which offers 3 dispatch dates for you to choose from, based on your time of the month so you can be sure to receive your box before your period is due. This box removes any and every monthly cycle worries you may have as you are able to choose your preferred brand of sanitary products so your box is specific to you. It is only £12.95 per month (postage is free) and you get your first box for £9.95! Be sure to read about what was inside my February box.

I have to say that this March box was pretty AWESOME! I loved everything that I was given and some of the items were great to take with me on holiday, so perfect timing!

As usual, I received a more than adequate amount of period essentials for the month as well the super cute drawstring bags. I took one of these drawstring bags filled with tampons with me in my hand luggage for the flight. It was definitely helpful!IMG_6773

Just like in my February box, I received a feminine hygiene product¬†and this time it was ¬†a SASS Intimate Refreshing Mist¬†(RRP ¬£8) with another great quote on it! When you’re on your period, you can feel a bit icky down there so this mist is a really good idea!

IMG_7666 IMG_7668

The mist leaves you feeling instantly refreshed by neutralising and protecting you from odour. The scent is very subtle and reminds me of fresh linen.

Now onto the beauty/lifestyle goodies which made me really happy!


  1. Travel sized Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant (RRP £5.39 for 100g) was an interesting product for me. I have heard a lot about the benefits of natural deodorants but I have never taken the plunge to try one. This particular stick of natural deodorant is 100& vegan, eco-friendly, allergy-friendly, cruelty-free and filled with natural minerals.
  2. A full sized¬†bottle of Papaya Gold Paw Paw Balm (RRP ¬£5.99) which was one of my favourite products in this month’s box. This moisturising balm soothes, relieves and moisturises dry lips and skin extremely well as it is enriched with Bio Active Manuka Honey 20+. Whilst it feels like vaseline and has no scent, this balm is amazing. It was well used during my 8 hour flight and kept my face moisturised throughout the flight.
  3. Part of my holiday prep was ensuring my nails looked their best so the Mylee Crystal Nail File (RRP £4.89) was put to instant work! The great thing about this nail file is that it is made from hardened glass so it smooths the nail, completely sealing it without a trace of a split.
  4. A Cucumber Peel-Off Face Mask by Montagne Jeuness (RRP ¬£1) which true to it’s claims, removes dirt and dead skin, leaving your face feeling silky smooth and fresh.
  5. An amazingly scented Simple Candle Co Wax Melt in Oudh Nights (RRP £2). I love making my bedroom smell nice and this definitely ensured that happened. This  organic soy wax melt smelt amazing. I was proud to see that it was from a British brand and handmade and I have ordered a few more.
  6. Another favourite for me was the Pink Parcel “Hello Gorgeous” Pouch (RRP¬£3.99) which I use in my smaller handbags to keep my make-up essentials together. It is definitely a confidence booster!
  7. A pack of delicious Sweet Virtues Baobab and Vanilla Balance Chocolate Truffles (RRP £7) which contain more than 5 superfoods and are rich in vitamins. So in this instance, chocolate is good for you!
  8. Tasty tea by¬†Teafields which was¬†Pink Parcel‘s carefully chosen¬†blend¬†of¬†Ginger and Pineapple Green Tea. This tea was delicious and I could actually do with another satchet!

In my opinion, Pink Parcel have done it again. Actually, they have done it even better than last month! I loved every single item in this box, it was almost as if they chose the items with me in mind. What is particularly great about Pink Parcel is that they work with carefully chosen amazing brands and I am happy to be introduced to. Again I am left wanting the next box now!

If you want to know more about Pink Parcel, check out their website: