I love Pink Parcel…..

As you may know, I have subscribed to Pink Parcel which is a monthly subscription box which caters to your all your period needs. From sanitary products to chocolate and other little pick me ups, Pink Parcel has you covered.

I have done a few reviews on my Pink Parcel boxes but what truly makes me love Pink Parcel is their customer service!

In March, Pink Parcel gave their website a face lift and it now looks awesome! As a result of this, all of their customers had to re-enter their payment details. Now I had a bit of difficulty locating the payment details area of the site but I really didn’t want to miss out on getting my April box.

I sent an email to their customer services and I received a really friendly response from Jacqueline. She didn’t make me feel stupid at all (thank God!). She was able to direct me to the correct area of the website and she kindly amended my shipment date so that I wouldn’t miss my April box.

Unfortunately, it is now 9th May and I haven’t my April Pink Parcel box. I have seen Instagram pics and Twitter posts about how great it is and I’ve been brewing with jealousy. I sent an email to Pink Parcel‘s customer service team at 09:15am and received a prompt apologetic response from Elle at 09:27am!

She was kind enough to send me a free April box today, so it should be with me soon and she assured me that I would receive my May box on time too.

Now Pink Parcel do not know who I am personally, so their kindness was not because I write blog posts about them. It is simply how they are as a company and I think that is pretty awesome! The best customer service I have received from beginning to end!

P.S – Look out for the April Pink Parcel review soon!

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