Time for a new subscription box!

Over the past few years, I’ve had several different subscription boxes including: Glossybox, Pink Parcel, Latest In Beauty, Nailbox, Scent Pick and Meebox; a lot of which I am no longer subscribed to.

In fact, I am only subscribed to Pink Parcel now which is not really useful considering I’m pregnant so don’t need all the period essentials anymore.

I’ve therefore decided that it’s time for a new subscription box and I’m surprised that there are pregnancy subscription boxes!

I am still undecided on which one to go for but here is a list of the ones I am currently looking into:

  • Project B – A subscription box which is personalised to you depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. It contains products from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household, to pampering, plus expert advice to match your month of pregnancy. It’s only £14.99 per month.

Project B

  • Sassy Bloom – The UK’s No.1 family subscription box which sees you right through from pregnancy to 3 years. Prices start from £19.95 per month.

Sassy Bloom

Stay tuned to see how I get on with them and which I prefer!

sign off


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