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Project B is a subscription box for pregnant women.¬†Each month you receive products, from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household, to pampering, with expert advice. Each Project-B box has been created to match the stage of pregnancy you’re at. You can sign-up for any month from 12 weeks and it is only ¬£14.99 a month.

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I signed up to Project B when I was 18 weeks pregnant so I received box 2 which is designed for women who are between 16-19 weeks pregnant and had a theme of Blossom. My box arrived pretty quickly and I was surprised by the quality of the products for the price I paid!

Here’s what I got:

  • Project Baby Magazine – This magazine is made by Project B and¬†it covers all things baby and pregnancy. It is packed with helpful advice, product reviews and fashion.


  • My Mini MIdwife Guide by Denyse Kirkby (RRP ¬£8.99)
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    ¬†Written by an experienced midwife and lecturer, this book provides all the reassurance and guidance you need during pregnancy. This book is very easy to read as the writing is not too formal. It’s like having a close friend telling you all you need to know. ¬†I would definitely recommend this book especially if you’re a first time mum as the advice starts from the beginning and goes along each stage of pregnancy, preparing you for the unknown.


  • B-Sensible Breathable and Waterproof Pillow Cover (RRP ¬£16.99) – IMG_0210¬†B-Sensible Pillowcases are an environmentally friendly product. They are made from Tencel (A Natural Nanofibre ) which provides relief for particularly sensitive skin, the combination of the smooth surface of the fibre and its extraordinary moisture absorption gives a healthy environment particularly if you have delicate skin. ¬†Since being pregnant, my face has been really sensitive…if I even looked at my face funny, a spot would be guaranteed the very next day! Since using this pillowcase, my skin has slightly improved. I no longer wake up with a greasy spotty face!


  • Swisse Pregnancy Supplements (RRP ¬£14.99) –¬†swisse pregSwisse Pregnancy Ultivite are vitamins which¬†support your baby’s development as well as your healthy diet before and during pregnancy. It works particularly on foetal brain & eye development, bones and teeth development, reducing fatigue, maternal tissue growth and increased folic acid levels. I have already been taking pregnancy vitamins before receiving this box so I haven’t tried them but they do have great reviews online.


  • Science of Skin Stretch Mark Defence 150ml (RRP ¬£24.99) –¬†SOS skinStretch marks are usually one of the key things mums to be worry about during pregnancy. With my first, I thought I had got away with not getting any until 2 days after she was born, a few popped out of nowhere! Now that I am expecting my second and the old stretch marks have faded immensely, I am conscious of adding more to my old collection! In comparison to all the other stretch mark creams and oils I’ve used, this one is very different as it is a spray rather than a cream. The oil is very lightweight, fragrance free and not greasy at all. It absorbs into my skin easily and leaves my stomach feeling silky smooth. I’ve only been using it for a month and it has been great at keeping the stretch marks at bay but I will report back at the end of my pregnancy.

Overall, I think my first Project B box was a great purchase. It is great value for money and the products are well thought out. I’ve already received my second box and I cannot wait to open it.

You can purchase a Project B box here: and use this discount code to get £5 off your first box:

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Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste

I was given the amazing opportunity to try out the latest Oral-B toothpaste as a member of ¬†Super Savvy Me’s Savvy Circle. I was excited about this particular project as I have found that during this pregnancy, my teeth have become quite sensitive to cold drinks and my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. This has been a big issue for me because at the moment I only like my drinks ice cold and I hate going to the dentist! I thought I would give this toothpaste a try before forcing myself to book the dreaded dentist appointment.


The Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste has ActivRepair technology which¬†targets the gum line area with a dual action on gums & enamel, to get to the root of many oral health problems. As we age, our teeth can become ¬†more sensitive and our gums may be irritated during brushing and during pregnancy this can be accelerated. I’ve even heard horror stories about women’s teeth crumbling during pregnancy!!!

When I initially tried the toothpaste, I almost quit the project straight away. I didn’t like the texture at all. I am used to a super smooth paste whereas the Oral-B one has a slightly grainy feel to it.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the results I’d get before I tried this toothpaste but I was actually impressed. I can honestly say that in the 2 weeks that I tried the toothpaste,¬†¬†my teeth are in better condition than before the trial.¬†My teeth are definitely less sensitive and I haven’t experienced gum bleeding since. Whilst it worked for me, my partner didn’t notice much of a difference but then he doesn’t suffer from any noticeable oral issues.

My only downside would be the price of the toothpaste. At £4 RRP, it is a bit high and is beyond what I would normally pay for a tube of toothpaste for regular use. It is also not the easiest product to locate in stores at the moment, possibly because it is quite new!

Overall, I would recommend this toothpaste as a quick fix for teeth sensitivity and gum repair. I am going to continue to use it throughout my pregnancy in the hopes of preventing my teeth from falling out!

*I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

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