Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste

I was given the amazing opportunity to try out the latest Oral-B toothpaste as a member of ┬áSuper Savvy Me’s Savvy Circle. I was excited about this particular project as I have found that during this pregnancy, my teeth have become quite sensitive to cold drinks and my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. This has been a big issue for me because at the moment I only like my drinks ice cold and I hate going to the dentist! I thought I would give this toothpaste a try before forcing myself to book the dreaded dentist appointment.


The Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste has ActivRepair technology which┬átargets the gum line area with a dual action on gums & enamel, to get to the root of many oral health problems. As we age, our teeth can become ┬ámore sensitive and our gums may be irritated during brushing and during pregnancy this can be accelerated. I’ve even heard horror stories about women’s teeth crumbling during pregnancy!!!

When I initially tried the toothpaste, I almost quit the project straight away. I didn’t like the texture at all. I am used to a super smooth paste whereas the Oral-B one has a slightly grainy feel to it.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the results I’d get before I tried this toothpaste but I was actually impressed. I can honestly say that in the 2 weeks that I tried the toothpaste,┬á┬ámy teeth are in better condition than before the trial.┬áMy teeth are definitely less sensitive and I haven’t experienced gum bleeding since. Whilst it worked for me, my partner didn’t notice much of a difference but then he doesn’t suffer from any noticeable oral issues.

My only downside would be the price of the toothpaste. At £4 RRP, it is a bit high and is beyond what I would normally pay for a tube of toothpaste for regular use. It is also not the easiest product to locate in stores at the moment, possibly because it is quite new!

Overall, I would recommend this toothpaste as a quick fix for teeth sensitivity and gum repair. I am going to continue to use it throughout my pregnancy in the hopes of preventing my teeth from falling out!

*I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

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