VonShef 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker

I had somehow managed to dent my rice cooker bowl over Christmas which at first I didn’t think it would cause a problem but it now makes my rice either really hard or really soggy. So dinner has been really hit and miss lately, much to my family’s despair.  I have been looking for a more robust rice cooker and I decided on giving the VonShef rice cooker a try. The unique shape and the 2 year warranty really sold it to me!

The rice cooker arrived really quickly in a box in a box so it was definitely packaged well! The rice cooker came with a plastic serving spoon, a steam tray which you can insert into the rice cooker, a small measuring cup and a detailed instruction leaflet.

This rice cooker, as you will see from the pictures, is not your usual rice cooker. The typical rice cooker just looks like a pot with a removable lid whereas this one has a new and improved sleek design. It is quite compact with a press to lift lid.

You are able to cook up to 8 cups of rice which serves roughly 4 people, which is perfect for the average family. Using a rice cooker is pretty simple. If you wanted to make 2 cups of rice, you simply fill the measuring cup twice and empty the measured rice into a bowl. Wash the rice with cold water and keeping rinsing it until the water is practically clear. Pour the clean rice into the rice cooker and fill the rice cooker with water up to the indicated line. Switch the rice cooker to “cook” and leave it to work it’s magic.
The rice cooks perfectly and I truly believe this is because of the design of the lid. As the lid doesn’t come off at all, the rice cooker is perfectly insulated so the rice is able to cook completely. Additionally, when you leave the rice cooker on the warm function, the rice remains fresh. It doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot get dried out. With previous rice cookers, I have had to continuously mix my rice whilst it is on warm to ensure that it doesn’t get dry and stuck to the bottom of the pot.

An added bonus of this rice cooker is that it can be used as a steamer. Thanks to the steam tray, you can easily steam cook your veg so it is a two in one. It also mentions that you can cook soup in it. I haven’t tried this yet but I am looking forward to giving it a go. In terms of cleaning, as the pot is non-stick, it is super easy to clean.

It is a bit expensive at £69.99 compared to other rice cookers but I think it is definitely worth every penny. Considering it does more than cook rice perfectly, it is essentially two kitchen appliances in one!

Overall, I really like this rice cooker. It looks great on my kitchen counter, cooks rice perfectly and is so easy to clean. I have faith it will continue to impress me and the 2 year warranty is definitely a plus!

If you want to add this gem to your kitchen counter, click here

UPDATE – This rice cooker has now gone down to £19.99 (+£4.99 delivery) get it while you can!