Nailbox No More…..

Just before receiving my August Nailbox, I decided to cancel my Nailbox subscription.

I have had my Nailbox subscription for a year now so I feel I have completed a full cycle. I have enjoyed the subscription as it caters to my inner nail polish urges. In fact it has truly helped to reduce my polish spending.

With the popularity of subscription boxes, Nailbox were bound to eventually get some competition! One of their competitors truly stood out for me as I have heard and read nothing but good reviews. So whilst I have cancelled (potentially paused) my Nailbox subscription, I will still be satisfying my nail polish addiction with the help of Meebox.

So be ready for my September Meebox review….the theme is Pumpkin Spice

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Nailbox – July 2016: Paradise has arrived!

If like me, you constantly switch up your nail polish throughout the month then Nailbox is the perfect subscription box for you. Every month, Nailbox sends five items (three nail polishes and  two nail tools or decorations) for only £15!

The theme for this month is Paradise and the colours definitely embodied this theme!


This month, I received 3 full sized nail polishes, a nail treatment and a nail tool.

Here’s a closer look into my July box:

Nailberry Coconut Nail Balm (RRP £12)

Firstly, this smells divine! If you love the smell of coconuts then you will love this nail balm, it truly follows¬†the theme and made me think of laying on a beach with a pina colada! Whilst it’s a small pot, a little goes a long way. It is made with¬† Coconut, Jojoba, Olive, Bee wax and Coconut fragrance. This balm is perfect for moisturising my cuticles, especially with my constant use of polish remover.

True Brit London Nail Varnish in The Summer House (RRP £12.50)

True Brit’s packaging is just simply superb, the box alone is luxurious. This polish is a nude brown which has a slight gold undertone. The formula of this polish is perfect in terms of application. For a nude, this polish is well pigmented so it only needs two thin coats.

In natural daylight
With flash









Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish in Soho Palace (RRP £14)

I really like Nails Inc’s gel effect polishes as they use¬†Nail Inc’s¬†plasticiser technology¬†and the usual wide brush for perfect coverage,¬†so I was happy to see this in my box. This polish is an aqua blue/turquoise¬†that reminds me of the sea in the Caribbean.It¬†is extremely pigmented, I could get away with one coat and I would still have beautiful shiny nails.

In natural daylight
With flash









Angelica Polish in Snow White (RRP £2.75)

I have never heard of Angelica nail polish before but it seems to be good quality nail polish for such a good price! The price has no way affected the formula or the coverage. This shade is a nice opaque white and only needs one coat which is rare for white polishes. I will be sure to purchase some more Angelica polishes.

In natural daylight
With flash









 Brush Works Toe Separators (RRP £2.49)

This was the only let down for me in this box as I don’t really think anyone uses toe separators any more. I can’t see myself using these at all but they could come in handy if I were to give someone a pampering gift basket.

Overall I am impressed with this month’s box, the quality has picked back up again. The value of the box is well above what I paid and that always makes me happy to know I got a bargain! With so many subscription boxes available now, I think Nailbox should update their packaging a bit and add a sweet or something (who doesn’t love food?).


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Nailbox – June 2016: Festival Fever!

If you have read my previous posts, you would have gathered that my Nailbox subscriptions have not kept me excited. I have already gotten over the novelty of it all. Therefore I didn’t expect much from this month’s box.

However, this month’s cute Festival Fever¬†shades definitely sparked my interest!


This month I received 4 full sized nail polishes and a pack of nail art.

Here’s a closer look at what was in my June box:

Elegant Touch ‚Äď Stylist Nail Art Tape Metallic (RRP ¬£3.95)

I am not the best at nail art, in fact unless it is a French tip or dotting I am absolutely rubbish! These metallic strips are really easy to use and easily make my nails look like they have been professionally done.

Essie ‚Äď Jazzy Jubilant (RRP ¬£7.99)

I loved the gold glitter polish by Essie that I received in one of the previous Nailboxes so I was excited to see a variation of it in this box. This glitter polish has turquoise and ¬†pink specks of various sized glitter. I wouldn’t say the application of this polish is as good as the gold one as it takes a few coats to get good coverage.

In natural daylight 

With flash









Rimmel ‚Äď Cheeky Chap Sweetie Heart Matte Polish (RRP ¬£3.99)

This is such a beautiful pastel powder blue by Rimmel with a matte finish. I am not really fond of matte polishes as after a few days they turn shiny due to using hair and body products. I will probably use a shiny top coat when wearing this colour.

In natural daylight

With flash









OPI ‚Äď Is Mai Tai Crooked? (RRP ¬£12.50)

Firstly, I LOVE the name of this polish….it did make me giggle! I am a big fan of OPI polishes so I was extremely happy to add to my ever growing collection. This colour definitely goes with festival theme. It is a peachy orange which has attracted a lot of compliments!

In natural daylight
With flash








Bourjois ‚Äď Turquoise Gel 1 Second Polish (RRP ¬£5.99)

I love Bourjois nail polishes as the brushes are amazing at giving an even coverage. This polish is a lovely bold turquoise colour which claims to give a dry gel finish within 1 second. As you can imagine, this claim is not true but it does dry quite quickly!

In natural daylight
With flash









Overall, I think Nailbox have definitely got back on my good side so I won’t be cancelling any time soon. There were no bright pinks this month and the polishes were quality! The value of this box was¬†¬£34.46 and I only paid ¬£15 so once again, a great bargain!


If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:

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Nailbox – May 2016 : Tutti Frutti

As much as I love nail polish, I haven’t been too excited about my Nailbox subscription any more. I was however looking forward to seeing what would be in May’s box as it had the theme Tutti Frutti, which is perfect for Summer.


This month I received 3 full sized nail polishes, a nail treatment and a nail file.

Here’s a closer look at what was in my May¬†box:

Cuccio¬†¬†‚Äď Mint Condition¬†(RRP ¬£4.86)

This is a brand I have never used before so I intrigued about how well it would apply. This is a¬†pastel mint green colour which is something I wouldn’t normally go for but is really nice. The application was easy as the brush provided great coverage.

In natural daylight
With flash










Essie ‚Äď Haute in the Heat (RRP ¬£7.99)

What can I say but another bright pink nail polish! I know I previously mentioned that I like bright pink polish but not this much! This is the third one so far and I honestly wish I received a different colour to try.  I generally like Essie polishes as they are really opaque and shiny, have great consistency and are long lasting.

In natural daylight
With flash










ORLY ‚Äď Orange Punch (RRP ¬£10.50)

I have heard of Orly before and they have great reviews as a nail polish brand, so I was really excited to see this one. It is an extremely bright orange colour which perfect for Summer. It has great coverage as it was bold after just one coat. I will definitely be using this one often.

In natural daylight
With Flash










Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary ‚Äď Nail Growth¬†(RRP ¬£7.95)

This treatment polish is a base coat which promises¬†to promote nail growth and strengthen the nails with its¬†salon strength formula enriched with silk, vitamin, proteins and oils.¬† I haven’t tried this one yet but I am sure it will work well like the others I have received.

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)









Stylfile ‚Äď VIP Leopard Nail File ¬£4.99

This is a very interesting nail file, I have never seen a ‘S’ shaped nail file before. It is ‘S’ shaped because your nails are curved so the curved nail file makes filing quick and easy, even when using your non-dominant hand. I loved the leopard print detail as it is furry which is definitely different!

Overall, I was quite impressed with this month’s Nail box ¬†apart from the repetition of the hot pink. Hopefully there is more of a variety next month. Once again, the box was great value for money as in total, the products were worth ¬£36.29

If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:


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Nailbox – April 2016 : Happy Birthday Nailbox!

If you read my review of the March Nailbox, you would know I was somewhat disappointed with it. If you didn’t read it, you can have a peek here.¬†I was definitely hoping Nailbox would restore my faith in them with the April box ¬†and I have to say they did!


This month is Nailbox’s anniversary so the theme for the box was “Happy Birthday Nailbox”. This month I received 3 full sized nail polishes, a nail treatment and nail accessories.

Here’s a closer look at what was in my April box:

Invogue ‚Äď Sugar Daddy (RRP ¬£2.99)

I love hot pink colours, especially for my toes and Sugar Daddy is definitely hot! This is a bold colour which is perfect for the summer or any holidays. Whilst I like the colour, I did receive a bright pink in the March Nailbox so it does seem a bit repetitive.

In natural daylight
With flash









Bourjois ‚Äď So Lacque! Bleu Asphalte (RRP ¬£5.99)¬†

I fell in love with this unique colour, it is beautiful. It is hard to describe the exact colour but it is a smokey dark purpley-blue grey. I love Bourjois nail polishes as they apply perfectly and the brush is great for one even stroke.

With flash
In natural daylight









Ciat√© ‚Äď London Baby (RRP ¬£9.00)

I have never tried a Ciat√© nail polish before but the bottle is so nice and elegant with a cute bow, it deserves to be on display. This polish is a beautiful glitter and grey polish which applies so nicely. I don’t normally like glitter polishes as they often require a lot of coats which equals an extra long drying time! Thankfully¬†Ciat√© is of really good quality as one coat left my nails blinging!

In natural light
With flash









Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary ‚Äď Nail Quencher (RRP ¬£7.95)

This treatment polish is a base coat which promises to moisturise your nails and¬†reduce peeling and splitting. I haven’t tried this one yet but I am sure it will work well. I have received a few¬†Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary products from Nailbox and they have been great.










Elegant Touch ‚Äď Stylist Pre-Glued Nail Gems ¬£2.95

I am terrible at nail art unless it involves stamping so I love things that easily help me make my nails look intricately designed. These gems are so easy to stick on, they even come pre-glued so I am excited to try them soon.










I have noticed that the themes behind the Nailboxes aren’t really apparent any more. For example, for February the theme was Valentine’s so they included a little packet of love heart sweets which was a really nice touch. For this anniversary / birthday box, they could have included at least a balloon, confetti or something just to enhance the idea behind the theme.


This month’s box was much better than last month’s, and rightly so as it is a celebratory birthday box. I loved almost everything in the box, I immediately painted my nails with two of the nail polishes! The contents of this box were worth ¬£28.88, so again worth the ¬£15 I ¬†paid.

If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:

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