Nails Inc Nail Polish Assorted Random Colours – sold by Innox Trading

I am a nail polish fanatic and I particularly love Nails Inc as a nail polish brand so I was extremely excited to buy and try this random selection of colours especially at such a great price of £14.99. Nails Inc normally retails for around £11 so getting 5 at this price is practically a steal!

All five polishes arrived in pristine condition as they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.
The colours I was sent were from the Nails Inc London Collection and they were: Hampstead – an orange beaded polish, Sheraton Street – a beautiful pale blue/teal, Warwick Way – a dark green on the boarder of blue, Mayfair – a lovely pearl white from the Ballet sheers range, and The Serpentine – a navy blue.



I would have loved to have received a red or pink in this range as I was sent quite a few blues. However, I really liked the range of colours that I received that I immediately swatched them to see which one I wanted to wear. They all went on really well and smoothly and had quick drying times. They only needed one coat of polish in order to get a nice coverage but Hampstead and Mayfair definitely need two coats in order to get the full effect.

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These polishes are long lasting and didn’t chip until day 6 which was great for me as I am a busy mum who doesn’t have time to redo my nails every other day.

Overall, I would highly recommend these nail polishes as they are from a trusted brand, good quality and great value for money!

If you want to get this bargain, click here:



Pixnor P2016 Portable 7-in-1 Facial Brush Cleansing System Massager Face Cleanser Brush with 7 Brush Heads – Sold by Pixnor

I have been eyeing the expensive facial cleansing brushes but have been too scared to splash the cash in case I wasn’t happy with the product.

This Pixnor Portable Facial Brush comes with seven different heads, fully comprehensive instructions and is powered by two AA batteries(which were not included).It is light weight and fits nicely into your hand. It includes 7 brush attachments (Short brush, long fine brush, latex soft sponge, makeup sponge, rolling massager, crude polish accessory and pumice applicator) for different purposes and has two speeds which both aren’t too harsh for your face. It is easy to set up to use and change the brush heads. It is travel friendly and fits nicely in a toiletry bag.
The brushes are great for everyday use and specific brushes cater to the various problems areas of your skin. For example the exfoliating brush is perfect for deep cleaning and removing dead skin. The one negative is that you cannot get the brush wet otherwise it will stop working. It is not for use under running water, therefore it has limited usage.
If you are not sure on whether to buy one of the branded brushes, I would recommend that you get a Pixnor brush as it does the same thing and you get the added bonus of extra brushes as well.

*I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

You can scrub up nicely and purchase this product here:

Who knew water could be Powerful?

I came home to a rather large and heavy package which left me confused as I have recently put myself on a online shopping ban. Upon opening my mysterious package, I was delighted to see I had been sent 3 full sized bottle of POW Sparkling Energy Water from The Powerful Water Company.
FullSizeRender (2)

POW is the UK & Ireland’s first Natural Energy Water. According to their website, The Powerful Water Company is committed to developing healthier drinks using natural ingredients. They developed POW to create a product that combines the rehydrating qualities of water with natural energy in a low sugar, low calorie sparkling fruit flavoured energy water.

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I was sent 3 flavours as shown above, Cranberry & Apple, Coconut & Lime and Citrus & Zest. I couldn’t wait to taste them as I have been looking for a healthier way to get my caffeine intake. I usually have a Venti Caramel Latte with an extra shot of Caramel to keep me awake for the working day. I found that having a bottle of POW did keep increase my energy levels, it kept me alert and I felt really good. It’s weird but I had a strange sense of “oomph” injected into me and I was ready and rearing to tackle anything thrown at me.

Now as someone who is not a fan of sparkling water at all (it has a weird after taste!), I was pleasantly surprised. All 3 flavours are really refreshing and rather delicious. I love the combination and variety of the flavours as they can be drunk when you are craving different things. For example, I often get a craving for something sour to remove a funny taste in my mouth and I usually end up drinking a can of San Pellegrino Limonata. When it happened this time around, I decided to have the Citrus & Zest bottle of POW water…….oh it was good! Exactly what the doctor ordered!

It is so great to see an energy drink on the market that is all NATURAL, NOT full of rubbish and packed with sugar and has great flavour. I sometimes find that healthy products can compromise on the flavour for the health benefits but POW doesn’t do that. I would highly recommend this product, it is definitely innovative and it works!

On a final note:


If you would like to give POW water a try, it is widely available in Waitrose, BP garages and Superdrug.  For more information about POW Water go to

Healthy 2 U – Silicea Direct

A little while ago I saw on the Healthy2U website an opportunity to try out some Silica sachets for free. Now as I’m not one to miss out on a great freebie, I immediately signed up.


Firstly, let me explain the benefits of Silica. Silica is an essential nutrient that our bodies need in order to function properly. We have a natural store of silica in all of our connective tissue which depletes during the day through normal body functioning. We also lose silica as we age and that’s when we begin to experience the signs of aging. Those who have adequate amounts of silica in the body boast of having beautiful skin, healthy hair, strong nails, and healthy joints.

According to clinical studies, Silicea direct can increase nail strength by 127%, increase skins metabolic activity by 17% and increase hair thickness by 13%.

The ingredients are:

Silicic Acid gel (90%), fruit mix from fruit concentrates: Grape, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry; Fructose, Thickening agent; Pectin, Xanthan gum; Acidifier Malic acid, Natural Flavour, Selenium, Biotin


Healthy2U sent me 15 x 15ml sachets of Silica gel which is to be taken once a day. The sachets are a nice size that I can just throw into my bag for when I’m on the go.


So what does Silica gel taste like? Well, these particular sachets are red berry flavour so it actually tastes quite nice. The texture is a bit odd and hard to describe. It is somewhat grainy but you do get used to it….I promise!

I will be testing these sachets to see if they do make any difference in the next 15 days and I will keep you updated. If they do seem to be working, I will absolutely purchase a 30 day box.

Healthy2U have been kind enough to offer myself and my subscribers a discount code( HSN1) for a 3 month supply for a discounted price of £29.99 – saving you over £35!

If you have tried this product out or something similar, leave a comment below on how it’s worked for you!