Herbal Essences Bio:Renew

I was given the amazing opportunity to try out the some of the latest Herbal Essences Bio:Renew line as a member of ¬†Super Savvy Me‚Äôs Savvy Circle. Who doesn’t want to try new products that promise to make your hair look better than ever?
Washing my hair can be a real chore especially when I don’t have the products to match my hair’s needs which seem to change a lot! To combat this feeling, Herbal Essences have brought out a new Bio:Renew range.
This collection uses the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer to give you the best wash. One of these ingredients is Histidine which is an antioxidant and a natural purifier in the body. What is even better, is that the range is completely free from gluten, parabens and colourants.


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There are 7 different duos in the Bio:Renew range, they are:

  • Coconut Milk – focuses on hydrating dry hair
  • Golden Moringa Oil – perfect for for smoothing frizzy hair
  • Cucumber & Green Tea – makes dull hair extremely shiny
  • White Strawberry and Sweet Mint – leaves hair feeling clean
  • Argan Oil of Morocco – repairs damaged hair
  • Rosemary & Herbs – moisturises dry hair
  • White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint – gives fine hair some volume

I was given Cucumber & Green Tea, White Strawberry & Sweet Mint and Argan Oil of Morocco.

Argan Oil of Morocco

FullSizeRenderI have struggled with my hair breaking recently and I’ve been on the search for a product to combat the issue.

I was pleasantly surprised ¬†by¬†¬†this shampoo and the matching conditioner are brilliant. My hair is in such good condition it really has made a difference. My hair is soft and the ends don’t look as brittle as they did before.

The shampoo is quite thick which initially I was wary of but it certainly does the job of repairing the hair – this ones a keeper and I highly recommend it. The smell is also fantastic – a mix of citrus, spice and sweet .

Cucumber & Green Tea

FullSizeRender (2)
I have quite thick hair so I didn’t think this duo would make much of a difference to it’s appearance. I have to hold my hands up and say that I was very wrong! My hair was left feeling soft and it definitely had an increased shine. Additionally, my hair felt really smooth as if all my cuticles were laying the correct way. I think this was due to the sea kelp. The conditioner is nice and thick so it has great slip for detangling any knots. The smell is very fresh and lasts for days!

White Strawberry and Sweet Mint

FullSizeRender (1)

I have to say that this duo is my ABSOLUTE favourite out of the three I was able to try. This shampoo and conditioner left my hair and scalp feeling extra clean but not stripped or dry so I didn’t feel the need to reach for a deep conditioner. My hair still felt moisturised just without any product build up.

The best part of this duo is it’s award-winning worthy scent! OMG – it smells soooo good! I found this scent to last longer than the other two.


Overall, I think Herbal Essences are onto a winner with this new range. All three of them did exactly what they said they would do and left my hair smelling amazing. For £4.50 a bottle, they are really good quality and comparable to salon products.  I recommend giving this range a chance. I am definitely going to be trying out a few of the others to see how they get on.

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Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste

I was given the amazing opportunity to try out the latest Oral-B toothpaste as a member of ¬†Super Savvy Me’s Savvy Circle. I was excited about this particular project as I have found that during this pregnancy, my teeth have become quite sensitive to cold drinks and my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. This has been a big issue for me because at the moment I only like my drinks ice cold and I hate going to the dentist! I thought I would give this toothpaste a try before forcing myself to book the dreaded dentist appointment.


The Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste has ActivRepair technology which¬†targets the gum line area with a dual action on gums & enamel, to get to the root of many oral health problems. As we age, our teeth can become ¬†more sensitive and our gums may be irritated during brushing and during pregnancy this can be accelerated. I’ve even heard horror stories about women’s teeth crumbling during pregnancy!!!

When I initially tried the toothpaste, I almost quit the project straight away. I didn’t like the texture at all. I am used to a super smooth paste whereas the Oral-B one has a slightly grainy feel to it.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the results I’d get before I tried this toothpaste but I was actually impressed. I can honestly say that in the 2 weeks that I tried the toothpaste,¬†¬†my teeth are in better condition than before the trial.¬†My teeth are definitely less sensitive and I haven’t experienced gum bleeding since. Whilst it worked for me, my partner didn’t notice much of a difference but then he doesn’t suffer from any noticeable oral issues.

My only downside would be the price of the toothpaste. At £4 RRP, it is a bit high and is beyond what I would normally pay for a tube of toothpaste for regular use. It is also not the easiest product to locate in stores at the moment, possibly because it is quite new!

Overall, I would recommend this toothpaste as a quick fix for teeth sensitivity and gum repair. I am going to continue to use it throughout my pregnancy in the hopes of preventing my teeth from falling out!

*I received this product free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

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Scentpick – August 2016

Scentpick is a new monthly subscription for perfume. Every month you get to pick a new designer fragrance to wear from a selection of 6 and then Scentpick sends you a 30 day supply for £9.99 (including p&p). Your first order of Scentpick is £4.99 and you get a cute reusable case which you can then use for your future picks. Scentpick send your chosen fragrance on the 22nd of the month so you receive it at the end of each month between the 27th and 29th.


The fragrance comes in a padded envelope which is great as it can just be posted through the letterbox so I don’t have to worry about going to the sorting office. Inside the envelope, the perfume comes packaged in soft pink tissue paper secured with a Scentpick sticker. Alongside the perfume, there is a card which confirms your choice of perfume and provides further information about the notes.

For August, I had the choice of the following perfumes to pick from:

  1. Bamboo by Gucci
  2. Be Delicious by DKNY
  3. Beautiful by Estee Lauder
  4. Bright Crystal by versace
  5. Chloe EDP by Chloe
  6. Classique EDT by Jean Paul Gaultier

None of these fragrances appealed to me, even when I googled them to find reviews. Thankfully Scentpick now allow you to pick perfumes from previous months that you might have missed. Therefore, I chose Jimmy Choo EDP by Jimmy Choo. It was described as “dark, sweet and slightly spicy. A confident balance of smoky patchouli and toffee with a little sweet pear in the background.” As previously mentioned, I love sweet scents and this one seemed mysterious.

Jimmy Choo is quite a “sexy” flirty scent.¬†The scent is alluring. The silage and longevity is perfect. Whilst it is sweet,¬†it isn’t overbearing. In fact I find it to be more sophisticated and smoky, adding just the right amount of sweetness during the dry down. Overall, this scent is a classy attractive scent.

Unfortunately, this month’s scent didn’t have the name of the perfume on the bottle like I have previously seen on others. Hopefully it was an oversight and next month’s scent will be labelled so I don’t get confused!

To subscribe to Scentpick, check out their website: http://www.scentpick.com/ 

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Feel Unique Pick n Mix Service

I don’t know about you but it is often really annoying for me when I blind buy a product and end up hating it. I get frustrated when I think about what I could have spent my wasted cash on. Thankfully Feel Unique have found a way to alleviate my pain by offering a new service!

The Feel Unique Pick ‘N’ Mix service is a new programme which allows you to pick up to 5 product samples a month for¬†only ¬£3.95 which is simply the postage + packaging.¬†That¬£3.95 is then redeemable against your next order.

This is a great way to sample brands that are exclusive, or ones that you’ve always wanted to try but have been too cautious to make a big purchase. You can only purchase this service once a month, kind of like a subscription box but you get to choose exactly what is in it. There are literally hundreds of samples to choose from, when I chose mine there were 408! These samples range from skincare, hair-care, make-up and perfume products. They are all good sizes, in fact they tell you the size of the sample in advance.

These are the samples I chose:



It can be a bit hard to find the Pick ‘N’ Mix service, ¬†you have to be logged in to your Feel Unique account, go to Samples (found on the top menu) then click Pick ‘N’ Mix. If you do not already have a Feel Unique account, you can use my referral code (here)to get 15% off your first order.

I think this is a fantastic service offered by Feel Unique. I hope other companies decide to follow suit. I have always had trouble buying products I end up hating so this service is perfect for me. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin it is perfect for finding the products that work for you. It is simply a win win!

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L’Oreal – Pure Clay Masks

I was kindly sent three clay masks by L’Oreal from BzzAgent to review. I was really excited to get this opportunity as clay masks are the in thing at the moment and I have been looking for ways to improve my skin. Normally good quality face masks are really expensive and only on offer by specialist skin care brands but thankfully L’Oreal have saved us and offered a range on the high street.

IMG_0088 (2).jpg

L’Oreal launched three face masks which are designed to provide you with an at-home spa experience at a bargain price. All three masks retail for ¬£7.99 which is great as each jar provides 10 applications. The packaging of these mask are very sleek and makes the masks look more expensive than they actually are.


Each of the masks tackle different skincare problems, therefore they have slightly different ingredients but they all contain 3 clays: kaolinite, montmorillonite, and ghassoul.

  • L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask (Green one): This mask is for those who have oily skin and it aims to purify and mattify the skin.¬†¬†Besides the three variations of pure clay, it¬†contains eucalyptus leaf extract to deep clean, purify,¬†and remove excess oil without leaving your skin dry. This mask made my face feel so soft, I had to force myself to not stroke myself.
  • L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox¬†Mask (Black one): This mask is made for those with normal skin and it aims to remove dirt, oil and impurities from your pores. The varying ingredient in this mask is Charcoal which is currently a big trend in beauty and skincare products lately. This mask definitely made my skin feel cleaner but not stripped or dry.
  • L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow¬†Mask (Red one): This mask is aimed at those who suffer from dull looking skin. It aims to exfoliate the surface of your skin and illuminate your skin tone. This mask contains Red Algae which is known to provide anti-oxidants and brighten the skin. This was the only mask out of the three to have ¬†a gritty texture which is for the exfoliation.This mask helped to reduce the appearance of my pores which provided a smoother appearance.


Surprisingly, considering the ingredients none of these masks had a bad or chemical smell. In fact, they all had a flowery scent which wasn’t overpowering. The masks are really easy and simple to use. I simply used my fingers to distribute the product as required onto my skin and they applied really smoothly.

I used all three of these masks individually and I found that they worked OK but not great. I realised that this is¬†because I have combination skin, so whilst the masks worked well in some areas, they didn’t in others. As a result of this, I decided to to multi-mask by using all three masks at once in order to target the various problem areas on my face. My forehead can get really oily so I used the purity mask there, whilst my nose gets clogged with dirt so the detox mask was used and my cheeks often appear dull and dry so I used the glow mask there. I found that this worked perfectly and gave me a customised skincare¬†treatment.


Overall, I truly like this range especially for multimasking. The masks are inexpensive, available on the high street and really easy to use…what more could you ask for? I will definitely be adding all three masks (combination skin problems!) to my skincare regime as they work wonders for me.

I am a member of BzzAgent, and get products to try and give feedback on ‚Äď all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Pink Parcel – July Box 2016

It’s that time of the month, which I am actually excited about. Bizarre isn’t it? Well, Pink Parcel definitely makes the idea of Aunt Flow coming seem ok.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which offers 3 dispatch dates for you to choose from, based on your time of the month so you can be sure to receive your box before your period is due. This box removes any and every monthly cycle worries you may have as you are able to choose your preferred brand of sanitary products so your box is specific to you. It is only £10.50 per month (postage is free) and you get your first box for £6.95! Be sure to read about what was inside my June box.


I was a bit worried when I received my box this month as the seal was broken (as shown in the picture above). Luckily, the products inside my box weren’t tampered with and nothing was missing.


As always, I received my period essentials for the month with the super cute drawstring bags. Although I have a tampon only subscription, I also received some pads for bedtime. I think this is a great addition to the box as it alleviates any fears during the night and you can have a peaceful sleep.

So onto the lifestyle and beauty products, as per usual Pink Parcel sent some great goodies!


  1. A full sized¬†Bellapierre Gel Eye Liner in Ebony (RRP ¬£14) which is amazing! The consistency is perfect and it applies really well. Furthermore, this gel liner is great for all types of weather as it is smudge-proof and waterproof….what more could you ask for?
  2. Continuing with beauty, I received a Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow Duo in Lightning (RRP £17.95). The shades are gold and charcoal  so it would be perfect for a smokey eye look. They are both highly pigmented and appear to be long-lasting.
  3. A beyond beautiful pair of¬†Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Rose Gold Tweezers (RRP ¬£8). Firstly, I really needed a new pair of tweezers and secondly this was an¬†exclusive launch in this month‚Äôs Pink Parcel. They aren’t yet available to purchase so that made me feel even more special (thanks Pink Parcel!). Because of this exclusive launch, I also received a little Vintage Cosmetic Company nail file with a 20% discount¬†code for their website.
  4. As you know, I have a love for nail polish so I was happy to see Lottie London Polish in Rainy Days (RRP £5.99). This is a lovely nude brown colour that I cannot wait to try out.
  5. Continuing with nail and hand care, there was a Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream in Strawberry Cream (RRP £3.99). This cream smells utterly delicious and left my hands feeling soft and moisturised.
  6. Pink Parcel were kind enough to ensure my feet also get moisturised by sending a¬†a 15ml sachet of Freeman Bare Foot Lavender & Mint Foot Cream (RRP ¬£1.50). This cream keeps you feet soft, moisturised and fresh which is essential now that the sun is out. The only negative to this cream is that the packet isn’t resealable but there is enough for multiple uses so it might go to waste.
  7. There was chocolate this month!!! Well…kind of! A pack of¬†Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits¬†were included this month. Even though they were slightly melted, they tasted delicious!
  8. Last but certainly not least is a luxurious La Via Del Te Tisana Sweet Relax Tea bag . This tea is sold in Harrods and has a  sweet natural flavour of wild strawberry.

Again, another fantastic box from Pink Parcel. It is great that they are consistent with the quality of their boxes. I think this is the best subscription box around at the moment as it definitely caters to every female.

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Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet & Dry

For a female, the hair removal process can be quite tedious and sometimes Рdepending on the method Рvery painful! Almost everyone wants smooth and hair free skin. I have tried various methods,  from waxing right through to simple shaving.

I have had my eye on an epliator for a while now but have been too nervous to try one.  I was luckily given the opportunity to try an epilator by Braun to review. An epilator is basically an electronic tweezer which removes multiple strands of hair at a time.

FullSizeRender (5)

The Braun Silk-Epil 7-561 (RRP £84) is one of the highest rated epilators currently available so I had high hopes! The Braun epilator comes with a user manual, a cleaning brush, pouch, a charger and six attachments:

  1. Shaver head – for dry shaving
  2. Trimmer cap – to trim down hairs
  3. High frequency massage cap – to soothe and massage the skin
  4. Sensitive area cap – for underarms and intimate areas
  5. Facial cap – for facial hair
  6. Efficiency cap – for maximum skin contact for faster epilation.

FullSizeRender (4)

It also has 40 tweezers at a close grip which remove even the shortest and finest of hairs, a smart light to guide you and a pivoting head to adapt to the contours of your body. The tweezers are staggered which ensure full even coverage. This epilator has two speed settings for the various areas of your body. The first speed is recommended for first time users whilst the highest speed is fast enough for over 81,000 plucks per minute!


One of the main benefits of this epilator is that it is a wet and dry model so it can be used in the bath or shower.¬†¬†It is specially ¬†designed for¬†use in warm water as the warmth increases¬†the blood circulation which improves¬†the comfort of your experience. It is obviously cordless (how else would you safely use it in the bath – haha) but you don’t have to worry about charging it. It takes approximately an hour to fully charge and it lasts for roughly 45 minutes which is more than enough time to remove all your hair. The charging light flashes whilst charging and remains on once fully charged.


The epilator is really lightweight so it is easy to use and it is not too noisy.¬†I decided to test it on my legs hoping it would be less painful.¬†There is a slight pain during this process but it is bearable….after a while! It feels like there are tiny people pinching you rather quickly. I found that it hurts more when you are removing hair that is very close to your bones rather than fatty areas. After a while, I did get used to the slight pain which made the process much easier.

I loved the results as my legs were left extremely smooth and soft….I couldn’t stop rubbing them. I found that the results were much better than when I shave as there weren’t any broken hairs left to cause a rough finish as the epilator removed the hairs from the root. ¬†I didn’t experience any skin irritation thankfully but I made sure to regularly exfoliate to ensure there were no ingrown hairs.

I have to say I was wimp and absolutely copped out of trying this on any intimate or sensitive areas so I cannot comment on how well it performed there.

If you have really thick or coarse hair, I would recommend using the trimmer cap to trim down the hairs first and then epilate as it would be less painful and you won’t have to keep going over the same areas.

Overall, although this epilator is quite expensive it is definitely good value for money. It ensures that you no longer have to purchase disposable razors and has long lasting results.¬† I’ve nothing to compare it to but it definitely does the job and is efficient. The more I use it, the easier and more tolerable it gets. I only wish it came with a¬†regular plug adapter rather an electric razor type two prong attachment.
All in all I think this is an excellent product for epilating legs and I will definitely be using this, rather than shaving, from now on.

Click here to purchase this epilator ūüôā

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