Scentpick – July 2016

Picking a new perfume can be a really tough decision. There have been numerous occasions where I have smelt and tested over 20 perfumes, picked 1 and then not liked it once I got home. For me, this is extremely annoying especially as perfume is not cheap!

I have really been into subscription boxes lately and have been on the look out for a new one that is worthwhile and affordable. I stumbled across Scentpick on Twitter and I instantly loved the idea of it.


Scentpick is a new monthly subscription for perfume. Every month you get to pick a new designer fragrance to wear from a selection of 6 and then Scentpick sends you a 30 day supply for £9.99 (including p&p). Your first order of Scentpick is £4.99 and you get a cute reusable case which you can then use for your future picks. Scentpick send your chosen fragrance on the 22nd of the month so you receive it at the end of each month between the 27th and 29th.


The fragrance¬†comes in a padded envelope which is great as¬†it¬†can just be posted through the letterbox so I don’t have to worry about going to the sorting office. Inside the envelope, the perfume¬†comes packaged in soft¬†pink tissue paper secured with a Scentpick sticker. Alongside the perfume, there is a card which confirms your choice of perfume and provides further information about the notes.

For July, I had the choice of the following perfumes to pick from:

  1. Dot by Marc Jacobs
  2. Diamonds by Emporio Armani
  3. Friction Her by FCUK
  4. Bamboo by Gucci
  5. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
  6. Beautiful by Estee Lauder

I chose Friction Her by FCUK as I love sweet scents and the description of this perfume truly appealed to me. “Think of sipping a Pina Colada on the beach! A fun, light, creamy coconut, tropical, vanilla scent for the summer.”¬†I love the smell of Vanilla and who doesn’t love a Pina Colada?

FullSizeRender (6)

Friction Her is a¬†soft¬†creamy coconut scent that’s mixed¬†with some fruity tropical notes (I think this must be the red berries).¬†I find the vanilla, apple blossom and red berry notes more dominant on my skin than the coconut. It stays this way for a few hours before settling into the dry-down, which consists of the creamy coconut scent, toning down a lot of the sweetness. Overall, this fragrance is perfectly topical without smelling cheap. It’s well blended and smells luxurious.

I really enjoyed my first Scentpick and I love the concept.¬†It‚Äôs a great way to try new perfumes for a while before deciding¬†to purchase a full size bottle. alternatively, it is a great way to consistently switch up your scent and in Scentpick‘s words “keep them guessing”!¬†I am enjoying my Friction Her perfume and I’m looking forward to seeing what the August¬†perfumes will be.

To subscribe to Scentpick, check out their website: 

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Nailbox – March 2016

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear or obvious yet but I absolutely love nail polish. I have an ever growing collection¬†which is currently at 263 shades. As you can probably imagine, my bank account takes a hit from my addiction.

I was incredibly excited when I found out about Nail Box. Nail Box is a subscription box which delivers 3-4 nail colours plus a useful nail tool or accessory every month for £15. You can cancel at any time or if you like the box you can commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

This subscription box was made just me….well that’s how I feel! The March box had an Easter theme which I expected to be full of pastel coloured polishes but I was completely wrong!


Here’s what was in my Easter box:

Invogue ‚Äď Matte Suede Effect Emerald Dust (RRP ¬£3.49)

The first full sized bottle of nail polish was metallic green with a matte suede effect by Invogue. This colour is called Emerald Dust and is green with speckles of silver. This isn’t the usual colour I would go for but the matte suede effect is really intriguing. It was easy to apply the nail polish. It wasn’t too thick and went on smoothly.

In natural daylight
With flash









MoYou London РXOXO (RRP £4.99)

I have heard of MoYou London from their nail stamping plates but I didn’t know they also made nail polish. This polish in particular is a nice vibrant and bold pink. It is perfect for a summer holiday and is exactly the type of colour I love to wear on my toes. This nail polish is so bright that it looked good after one coat!

With flash
In natural daylight









Eye Candy London РNaughty But Nice (RRP £6)

To be honest, I am not really a fan of Eye Candy London nail polish as their polishes can be quite sheer and require a few coats. “Naughty But Nice” actually surprised me a lot. It is a nice opaque lilac colour which applied really nicely. I really liked the softness of this shade and will be wearing it soon!

In natural daylight
With flash









Elegant Touch Р Speckled Eggs False Nails (RRP £7.10)

I am a huge fan of false nails, I think they are incredibly fun if you want to have a quick manicure for a cheaper price. I love that these nails go really well with the Easter theme of the Nailbox but I think they are a bit too wacky for me!


Nails Inc. –¬†Express Nail Polish Remover (RRP ¬£8)

I am in love. This nail polish remover is the stand out product in this month’s box, it is amazing! I have seen nail polish removers before and I haven’t taken an interest in them because I felt that they would leave your fingers tasting of acetone for ages….yuk! But this hot pink baby doesn’t do that at all!! I had on a deep maroon coloured nail polish and this nail polish remover took it completely off after 2 twists!


Overall, I was quite disappointed with this box as it didn’t really match the theme and I didn’t particularly like the nail polishes, bar one. I would have loved more pastel coloured polishes to get me in the Spring/Easter mood. The Nails Inc Nail Polish Remover really saved the box this month. The contents of this box were worth ¬£29.58 so I definitely got my money’s worth, I just hope the next few boxes improve.

If you wish to purchase a Nailbox subscription, check out their website:

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