Pink Parcel – August box 2016

It’s that time of the month….well not literally but close enough! Pink Parcel has me counting down the days each month, strangely enough!

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Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box which offers 3 dispatch dates for you to choose from, based on your time of the month so you can be sure to receive your box before your period is due. This box removes any and every monthly cycle worries you may have as you are able to choose your preferred brand of sanitary products so your box is specific to you. It is only £10.50 per month (postage is free) and you get your first box for £6.95! Be sure to read about what was inside my July box.

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As always, I received my period essentials for the month with the super cute drawstring bags. Although I have a tampon only subscription, I also received some pads for bedtime. I think this is a great addition to the box as it alleviates any fears during the night and you can have a peaceful sleep.

So onto the lifestyle and beauty products, as per usual Pink Parcel sent some great goodies!


  1. First up is a beautiful bracelet by Estella Bartlett (RRP £12.99) which was black and white with silver trimming. This was one of three that were available, the other designs were in coral and hot pink. I am glad that I received the black & white one as I am able to wear it with practically everything and it looks quite elegant.
  2. Next was a Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry (RRP £15). This shade is almost a dark mauve and it has a matte finish. I am not particularly a fan of matte lipsticks but this one actually looked good on me. It also does what it says and lasts for 24 hours plus more!
  3. Something that almost every woman needs, a sample size of SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate. This caters to post-shave skin by soothing the bikini area and reducing hair growth and preventing ingrown hairs.
  4. A nice addition was the Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush (RRP £4.99) which has great packaging. It is designed with the applicator brush built in so that you can simply dispense the shimmer and brush it on your skin. It is perfect for highlighting.
  5. A nice surprise was a So Susan product,¬†Haute Light Pencil (RRP 14.95). This pencil is made with white truffle extract and Eyeseryl¬†peptide to help reduce the appearance of eye bags and increase skin elasticity. Unfortunately this shade is way too light for me so I’ve given it to a friend who loves it.
  6. A great healthy treat this month was a packet of¬†Emily Fruit Crisps in Crunchy Apple (RRP ¬£1.49). I was a bit wary of trying these but I have to say, I love them! They are packed with flavour and I don’t have to feel guilty¬†about eating too much of it.
  7. The sweet treat in this box was a box of Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears (RRP £2.50). These sweets are 100% vegetarian and gluten-free, free from artificial colours and flavours and contain natural fruit juices. I was happy enough to share them with my 3 year old; who just like I, loved them!
  8. Last but not least was a sample sachet of Teapigs Matcha Green Tea. This tea has been tied to protection against heart disease and cancer, as well as better blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, and anti-aging.


Overall, Pink Parcel continue to be as consistent as ever. The quality never drops which is a great relief as I know that I am getting great value for money every month.

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Getting Summer time fine with the help of my Dolphin Pro Fitness Tracker Watch

It has taken me a while to review this fitness watch as I wanted to use it in it’s full capacity to give it an honest and unbiased review. The spec of this fitness tracker watch is quite similar to the more expensive branded ones like Apple and Fitbit.

The watch came in a plastic box with a small set of instructions which were very informative and useful and a magnetic charger. Before you use the watch, it is recommended to charge it for at least 30 minutes to an hour.


The watch is small and neat. It has two pins as a clasp so you can adjust the size according to your wrist size. Because of this, the watch can fit a really small wrist all the way up to a large one so one size literally fits all. I find this feature perfect because when I am exercising, the watch doesn’t irritate me by sliding up and down my arm. It can initially be a bit fiddly to do but you get used to it and manage to find a way to pop it on. This watch is waterproof so you don’t have to fuss around with taking it off for your shower.

I have tried a couple of fitness tracker watches before and I have to say that this one in particular is simply flawless when it comes to setting up. All I had to do was simply download the app called “Smart Band” and I was able to instantly connect my phone to the watch via bluetooth. This app is available in the Apple app store and the Google Play store so it is compatible with Apple and Android phones. All you have to do is open up the app then select devices on the menu. It will then display the available devices that you can connect to. When you select your watch, it automatically updates with the date and time. Once synced, the watch can access any previous data your phone holds regarding fitness and it will display charts of your fitness progress.

The watch display is a great size and isn’t too bulky. The screen is just the right size to show the details that you need to see without it affecting your wrist movements or looking too masculine so it is great for men and women. The screen is touchscreen and really responsive so doesn’t require any harsh taps. There is also a gesture function available, so when you turn your wrist, the watch lights up and displays the time.

The features of this watch are great. It tracks how many steps I have done, calories burned, distance & time I have spent on fitness throughout each day. At night time, it tracks my sleep and breaks it down into the amount of hours of deep & light sleep I have had. I am also able to set daily goals that I wish to achieve. This is a great benefit to help me get healthier as I can gradually increase my goals. Additionally, if I have been sitting down for too long, the watch vibrates as a friendly reminder/ nudge to get up and get fit.

My favourite feature of this watch and the app is that you can add other users as friends on the app so that you can see their stats and compete against them. I find that this feature motivates me to work out even harder.

Besides fitness, the watch also shows and vibrates when you receive a text message, a phone call or any social media message and it also says what the notification is for and from on the screen. The watch also syncs really well with the alarms you have set on your phone via the app. When your alarm goes off, the watch vibrates quite a bit to ensure it wakes you and grabs your attention.


In terms of battery life, it is advertised on Amazon as lasting a week but I have to say that it performs much better than that. I believe the battery life reduced by roughly 4-5% a day! Furthermore, it charges really quickly. It takes less than half an hour to charge it to half the battery capacity which is awesome. The charge is fantastic as well, as it is small enough to pop into your pocket or handbag. It is magnetic so it “clips” onto the back of the watch and it is a USB lead so you can attach it to a traditional plug, your car or computer.

I really like this watch and would recommend it to anyone who wants to track their fitness but don’t want to spend too much money. This does exactly what it says it will. According to the user manual, the watch comes in a variety of colours so if you wanted a bright coloured one then you could get one. It would be great if you could swap the straps of the watch but at least it is black and will match with everything.

I will be wearing this smartwatch continuously to help with my fitness and weight loss, Dolphin Pro did an excellent job with this watch.

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Fruity Water – My taste buds need excitement

So everyone pretty much knows that drinking water is great for your mind, body and skin. If you have forgotten the benefits, here is a refresher:

  • The body is composed of 60% water so drinking water helps to maintain the natural balance of body fluids.
  • Water is a natural weight loss aid.
  • Dehydrated skin tends to look tired so drinking a lot of water can reduce the appearance of dry and wrinkled skin.
  • Water helps to flush away waste and toxins from the body.
  • 75% of brain tissue is water.

The list of benefits is endless so it’s a given that water should be an important factor in your diet.

I am terrible with my water intake; I very rarely drink it unless I feel extremely dehydrated. As much as I should be lucky to have such easy access to clean water, I don’t like the “taste” of water. I know I know, water doesn’t have a taste per-se but for as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked the taste or lack of one shall I say.It is such a plain beverage and my taste buds need some excitement!

Quite a few of my friends who are gym fanatics have fruit infused water bottles and they have been going on about how good they are, so I decided to try it for myself.

Strawberries & red grapes

I found this water infuser bottle on Amazon and loved it!¬†I loved the colour of the bottle, it is a nice vibrant purple which is quite eye-catching and strangely enough, made me feel positive about drinking water. ¬†The bottle is a really nice size as it holds 800ml of water and isn’t too big or bulky.¬†The fruit holder inside the bottle is also a good size as you can fit blocks of fruit in it without having to cut them down into small chunks.

Lemon & Lime

After a few variations of fruit flavours, I can confidently say that I really enjoy drinking water now….shock shock horror! My fruit infused water bottle allows me to reap the benefits of drinking water whilst savouring the subtle and refreshing fruit flavours.

It is really easy to make  fruit infused water. You simply cut up some fresh fruit of your choice and put it into a bottle with some water then leave it to infuse for around 4 hours in the fridge. To get a stronger flavour, you should leave the water to infuse overnight. However, I have found that with citrus fruits like lemons, the flavour is naturally strong so you can taste it in your water almost instantly.


I am a bit of a plain Jane as my favourite infused water flavour is lemon (yes, I’ve realised that I was complaining about plain water not too long ago, lol). It is really refreshing and flavoursome. Additionally, lemons have their own benefits such as cleansing the liver, improving digestion and they nourish brain and nerve cells due to their¬†potassium content.

If you hate drinking water or you just need to drink more, I definitely recommend getting a fruit infuser water bottle. I now drink a minimum of 2 bottles a day which is 1.6 litres. A stark difference to going months without any water at all!


Healthy 2 U – Silicea Direct

A little while ago I saw on the Healthy2U website an opportunity to try out some Silica sachets for free. Now as I’m not one to miss out on a great freebie, I immediately signed up.


Firstly, let me explain the benefits of Silica. Silica is an essential nutrient that our bodies need in order to function properly. We have a natural store of silica in all of our connective tissue which depletes during the day through normal body functioning. We also lose silica as we age and that’s when we begin to experience the signs of aging. Those who have adequate amounts of silica in the body boast of having beautiful skin, healthy hair, strong nails, and healthy joints.

According to clinical studies, Silicea direct can increase nail strength by 127%, increase skins metabolic activity by 17% and increase hair thickness by 13%.

The ingredients are:

Silicic Acid gel (90%), fruit mix from fruit concentrates: Grape, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry; Fructose, Thickening agent; Pectin, Xanthan gum; Acidifier Malic acid, Natural Flavour, Selenium, Biotin


Healthy2U sent me 15 x 15ml sachets of Silica gel which is to be taken once a day. The sachets are a nice size that I can just throw into my bag for when I’m on the go.


So what does Silica gel taste like? Well, these particular sachets are red berry flavour so it actually tastes quite nice. The texture is a bit odd and hard to describe. It is somewhat grainy but you do get used to it….I promise!

I will be testing these sachets to see if they do make any difference in the next 15 days and I will keep you updated. If they do seem to be working, I will absolutely purchase a 30 day box.

Healthy2U have been kind enough to offer myself and my subscribers a discount code( HSN1) for a 3 month supply for a discounted price of £29.99 Рsaving you over £35!

If you have tried this product out or something similar, leave a comment below on how it’s worked for you!